[innen] nominated for 2017 Fit-Out Awards

We are proud to have made the short list for this year’s Fitout Awards in the category

Fit Out project of the Year 2017 – Small office under € 500 k

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Some background:


  • To create an environment that negates many client concerns about open plan through thoughtful space planning
  • To provide a wide variety of spaces of various degrees of acoustic and visual privacy
  • To make a substantial amount of live planting an integral part of the design with staff well-being at the core of all design efforts
  • To infuse a slightly raw and industrial ‘back yard garage’ feel that tied in with the industrial design approach the landlord took in the base fit-out


  • A central spine of sound-proof booths and semi-enclosed spaces breaks up the open plan. The two resulting open spaces to either side are further divided through enclosed meeting rooms and a ‘quiet room’ – this results in four distinct spaces of max. 8 workstations, which correlate with the four main teams of the organisation. ‘Cross lanes’ between the booths allow visual connections. The booths in the centre finish deliberately 500mm below the ceiling to make them appear as parked containers.
  • Large vertical areas of planting are introduced as climbing plants on full height chain link fence frames, that give each team further privacy from the corridor ‘lane’. The wire mesh is an ideal substrate for climbing plants, yet also adds hugely to the raw industrial feel of the fit-out
  • The material palette is dominated by a few select elements to set the desired scene:

– all bespoke steel elements are untreated / oxydized mild steel or galvanized wire mesh

– the exterior detailing and  grey stained plywood finish of the sound booths and lockers set the tone   of a container aesthetic, without being too literal

– All signage is done in stencil font adhesives that add only two colours, yellow and blue, to the   calm palette

– the carpet pattern in the central spine invokes associations with yellow and black ‘hazard strips’